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Day 33

Hello junior 2! Today is Thursday 30th, April. It’s Tomy’s birthday!!!! Have a beautiful birthday, Tomy! Today we’ll MEET to do some PHONICS together. The book we are going to use is called MEET ZINZAN and we are going to … Continue reading

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Listen to your heart!

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Fran’s show and tell

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Day 32

Hey! Today is Wednesday 29th, April and we have Fran’s show and tell. Please leave her a comment after her presentation. After her show and tell we’ll have a BINGO game to continue practicing numbers. Then, you’ll watch Part 2 … Continue reading

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DAY 31

Hi there! How are you junior 2? Today is Tuesday 28th, April. We’ll continue with SIMPLE PRESENT today. If you don’t remember it properly, go back to Mili’s video and watch it again. Activity 1. This activity is NOT in … Continue reading

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Day 30!

Hello Junior 2!!!!! Today we are celebrating the 30th day of English! Today is Monday 27th, April. First, we’ll continue working on TIME. We’ll have a MEET where I’ll explain QUARTER PAST and we’ll do some practice together. Remember!!! and … Continue reading

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Day 29

Hi Kiddies! Today is Thursday 23rd, April. Are you ready to continue learning about TIME? Look at the MINUTE HAND in this clock. I prepared this video for you to understand what happens when the MINUTE HAND points to 30 … Continue reading

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It´s Yoga Time!

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Adolfo’s show and tell

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Day 28

Hello Kiddies! Today is Wednesday 22nd, April. Today we have Adolf’s show and tell at 2:30 pm. Don’t forget to write a comment in his post. I want you to look at this video about daily routines. and listen to … Continue reading

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