Day 61

Today is Thursday, June 25th.

We’ll MEET at 2.30 pm for Tomy’s show and tell. Please, leave him a comment in his post.

Listen to the audio and check the correct option on the liveworsheet.

Listen and check, an interactive worksheet by cataperkins

Here I leave you a song to remember the new vocabulary.

Check out the presentation of animals you did! It’s great!

It’s also Lending Library day! I allocated the book Look Outside from the bug club. Remember that you have 1 week to read and do the activity of lending library! Here I leave the activity. Draw it!

Draw it! What season is it now? Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter? Draw a picture of something that shows what season it is.

Don’t forget to watch Miss Mili’s video of every Thursday!

Have a great weekend! Have fun! See you on Monday to continue working on this project! Lots of love, Miss Ceci

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