day 67

Hi there! Today is Wednesday 8th, July.

We’ll MEET at 2.30 p.m for Cata’s show and tell. Don’t forget to leave her a comment in her post.

Watch the video

Now, each of you will make a place in the city. You may use boxes, paper, pain, markers, and whatever you want. So together, we’ll build our city! When you finish your buildings or place take a photo of it and send me a photo through handing.

Juani: school

Fran B: park

Sofi: playground

Cruz: Bank

Caio: Library

Maggie: Bookstore

José C: Post office

Lele: Police Station

Ramon: Computer Store

Luz: Museum

Tomy: Gas station

Felipe: Toy store

Fran: supermarket

Benja: restaurant

Connie: bakery

Cata: candy store

Feli: train station

Jacin: factory

Felix: street

Alfon: Apartment building

Sol: church

Delfi: Traffic light and zebra crossing

Pedro: hotel

Adolfo: stadium

José S: bus stop

Joaqui: bus and car

Juli: hospital

Well done! Enjoy the long weekend and see you next week! Have fun! Lots of love, Miss Ceci

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  1. Fran.b. says:

    I love you S&T Cata is beatiful

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