Day 70

Hi there!!! Today is Thursday 16th, July.

First of all, I want to say that I’m really proud of all your work and effort. You did a great job this part of the year.

As you know we finished our project My city, a great place to live! And here I leave you the video so you can see all the work of your classmates and of junior 1 and 3.

Don’t forget to watch Miss Mili’s video!

That’s all for this first part of the year! Have fun and REST in the winter holidays! We’ll MEET in August! Lots of love, Miss Ceci

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2 Responses to Day 70

  1. Tomy and Andy says:

    Nos encanto el video, pero tomy me dice que por q no salió el cantando ??? Ya q nunca nos enteramos de q había q hacer eso….
    Les mandamos un beso y felices vacaciones !!!! Nos vemos en Agosto.
    Los vamos a extrañar ……
    Y nos aburrimos de la cuarentena

  2. Fran.b. says:

    I love mis mili video {Fran.b.}

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